Stage 2 - 120/220 Grit

Stage 2 is one week tumbling the rocks in 120/220 grit. It turns out that the extra week in 60/90 grit didn't help round out the rocks very much; it only made them smaller.

It seems that the rocks lost about 1 pound of weight.
Notice the variety of sizes. This is supposed to aid in smoothing the rocks.

Needed to add some smooth rocks to bring the weight back up around 5 pounds. The ideal weight for the 6 pound tumbler machine is between 4 and 5 pounds. This ensures that the rocks are tumbling over one another, and not just sliding around on the bottom or jammed together and rotating around the drum without tumbling. The plastic beads cushion the rocks so they don't chip one another. One of the nice ones was badly chipped during the last stage.

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