Gayle and I hiked the north shore area of Lake Superior for summer vacation this year (2009). I've always loved rocks, so I picked up a lot of rocks at the beach. Some look like agates, others are probably granite and quartz. Later in the summer, one of my neighbors sold me a tub of agates at a garage sale for $15. He also threw in a $165 rock tumbler for free because he couldn't figure out how to work it. So now I've begun the hobby of rock tumbling.

Stage 1 - 60/90 Grit

Original condition
After one week in 60/90 grit

There are four stages of grinding and polishing before the rocks are finished. I'm rather pleased with the look so far, but I'm going to repeat stage 1 to round off some of the angular edges with the 60/90 grit. These are from our vacation trip. I'll try some of my garage sale agates in the next batch in a month or so.
A selection of some of the nicer ones
Back in the bucket for another week of 60/90

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