Physics Demonstration Photos & Videos

The rail gun is a simple setup, safe for students to build. Fun if you just give students the equipment without telling them how to build it. Be sure to clean off the corrosion from the copper wires with some steel wool

The electric motor is fun to build, using simple magnet, magnet wire, copper wire, and AAA battery. Be sure to only scrape off the insulation from one side of the wire where it makes contact.

The ping pong ball cannon shoots a ping pong ball through a pop can. If you advance frame by frame, you can see the vapor trail left behind the pop can as it is blasted away.

Here are some pictures and videos of Newton's Cradle built with bowling balls.

Pictures of a Sound Labs for finding resonant frequencies and multiple wave length harmonics of a 10 cm diameter closed end tube. Click on Sound_Tube_Harmonics_Lab_Results to see what this lab is about.

Physics Vodcasts

Here is a link to the vodcasts for vectors and forces between connected objects.


Here is a link to my new hobby, collecting and tumbling pretty rocks.

Math Diagnostic for College Prep Physics

Here is a link to the Math_diagnostic_Quiz.docx and the Math_diagnostic_Quiz.doc.

Here is a link to the Math_diagnostic_spreadsheet.xlsx.